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Here at Australia Scholarship, we recognise the importance of engaging in quality education. We also recognise how financially demanding it can be to further your education abroad. Our mission therefore is to grant students the amazing opportunity to study in Australia by providing study aid in the form of a scholarship.

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Australia Scholarship 2019

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Australia Scholarships planned for 2019

Study in Sydney Australia     

Proposed courses for consideration to study in Australia under the Australia scholarship program for 2019:

Diploma of Accounting
Diploma of Human Resources Management
Diploma of Business
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Marketing
Diploma of Tourism
Diploma of Hospitality
Diploma of Website Development

The unforgettable experience of studying in Australia is stimulating and unique. If you dream of being immersed in the vibrant and modern atmosphere of Sydney and have a strong desire to further your education in a dynamic and motivating environment, apply now for one of our scholarships at Australia Scholarship. See here for details on our scholarship categories.

Australia Scholarship is planning to offer scholarships in 2019 to prospective students. Click here for more information on eligibility and how to apply.