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 The Sydney Opera House 


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Sydney is one of the world’s most magnificent and beautiful cities. It is famous for its cosmopolitan environment, restaurants, national parks and shopping facilities. Among all Australian cities, Sydney is the most popular destination.

There are lovely markets on the weekends. Rivers and beaches also add to the natural charm of the city and its surrounding suburbs. Public transport not only includes buses, trams, monorail and trains, but also ferries. Sydney is a dynamic city, exciting and lively. It is also clean and safe. Sydney is a multicultural city. You can easily find people from any background.

Sydney The Worlds No. 1 City in 2005



Sydney is renowned around the world as an incredible tourist destination to suit all travellers. Interested in finding out more? Visit here.



Sydney experiences four seasons a year.

Summer is December to March and temperatures range from 25-17C (76-65F).
Winter is June to September and temperatures range from 17-8 (65-46F), not to forget warm clothes. Autumn and spring have the mildest weather.

For more information on Sydney’s climate, see the link below on weather: