The Scholarships

Australia Scholarship offers scholarships on a yearly basis in the form of a quarterly bank deposit at a total of $1000 over a year.

The scholarships are designed as a study aid, intended to complement and facilitate the costs of studying in Australia.

The scholarships do NOT cover:

  • Student visa application and processing fees or any other visa related expenses
  • Travel expenses to and from your country of origin, and within Australia
  • Living expenses in Australia (including accommodation, food, internet, medical, insurance, legal and any other personal expenses)

Selection Criteria:

The allocation of scholarships at Australia Scholarship is merit-based and is the collective responsibility of a judging panel. Decisions made by the panel are final and not open to appeal. The allocation of scholarships is as follows:

  1. All applicants are required to submit a written assessment as part of the first stage of selection.
  2. Candidates successful in this first stage are then required to participate in a telephone/online interview. Not all applicants who submit a written assessment will progress to the interview stage. Interviews will be conducted in English and will run for approximately 10 minutes per candidate. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to: academic history, interests, hobbies, and motivations for studying in Australia.

Please note: The award of a scholarship does not guarantee a visa to Australia. It is the applicant’s responsibility to investigate student visa requirements before applying for this scholarship. Successful applicants must proceed with their student visa application accordingly.

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to have sufficient funding to study in Australia. For example for Assessment Level 3 Countries:

The Scholarship is only a supplement and you may not wish to use it as provision of enough funding for your studies in Australia.

Past Scholarships:

Diploma courses available to scholarship recipients in 2013:

Diploma of Accounting
Diploma of Human Resources Management
Diploma of Business
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Marketing
Diploma of Tourism
Diploma of Hospitality
Diploma of Website Development